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St. Thomas & The Minnesota Chapter of APPA welcome you to the new Schoenecker Center

St Thomas Schoenecker Center Tour, Presentation and Coffee
April 2, 8:30am to 11am
Come join MNAPPA for a tour of St Thomas’s new Schoenecker Center – a 130,000 sqft inter-disciplinary building for STEAM education. The building includes a two-story engineering bay with 20-foot crane for structural testing; labs for robotics, physics, biology, and chemistry; music rehearsal space that can accommodate a 100-piece orchestra; two-story chorale performance space for up to 150 people; emerging media program with newsroom and studios; art gallery; atrium; and cafeteria. Technical highlights include a sustainable building design that is on track to receive LEED Gold certification, low-temp hot water boilers supporting campus steam conversation efforts, shared cooling with adjacent building, digitally controlled LED lighting, 31,000 ft3 stormwater cistern for irrigation, and other system supporting the learning-laboratory for the students. Coffee and treats will be provided at 8:30 with the tour to follow at 9am.
John Silva, LEED AP – Director of Construction at St Thomas
Greg Fenton, AIA – Principal and Director at BWBR
Brian Lapham, AIA – Project Manager/ Lab Planner/ Architect at BWBR

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